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Well hello there! Here is a compilation of all of the printable goodies I’ve ever made. To the left will be the associated post, and to the right is the printable link. They are all free for personal use, so download to your heart’s content! By the way, you are awesome for subscribing!

Note: If you are a mental health professional who would like to use my printables, please contact me at to let me know of how you will be using my content!

 Post: 7 Steps to Change Unhealthy Thoughts | PrintableThought Record Worksheet

Post: Creating a Crisis Plan | PrintableCrisis Plan Worksheet

Post: Overcoming Anxiety – a Step-by-Step Guide | PrintableFinding Your Core Beliefs – Downward Arrow Technique

Post: Include Self-Care in Your Study Plan | PrintableWeekly Planner for Tough Academic Periods

Post: Discover Core Values to Motivate from Within | Printable: Discover Your Core Values